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Contact Jill Goodale at (515) 836-4868 or email msgjill@yahoo.com

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Stallion List as of April 29, 2018

Stallions are available for purchase until May 1, 2018
Stallion Sold Purchaser Reg Stud Fee Start Fee Chute Fee Shipped Semen Standing Sire  Dam Owner/Agent
A Coolest Touchdown (AQHA) Yes

Doug Wermerskirchen

$1500 $750 1x collection Fee $200 FedEx $250; CTC $300; Farm pickup $100 Trenton, IL A Coolest Telusives Touchdown Arentsen QH Agent
A Wild Dream Yes Barrett Brown $400 $300 No No Viroqua, WI Live The Dream Sheza Jennys Dream Shelby Snorek
Armani Look (AQHA) Yes

Dave Happel

$600 $300 No No Ionia, IA Kid Look Im Blingin Sherry Melver
Blazing Hot Nights No   $500 $300 No No Ellsworth, IA  Blazing Hot Sonnys Sweet Larry & Jill Goodale
Chocolatey Yes Lori Krome $1700 $1000 $350 includes 1st shipment Yes; $275 addl shipments; CTC addl $100; farm pick $175 Sturgis, MI  Hot Chocolate Chip Pass In Style Noelle Schmidt
Colored By Charlie Yes Chris Kafton $1,150 $575 No $350 per shipment Bismark, ND Don't Skip Charlie (AQHA) Dan De Doolin Crystal Pitkin
Drumroll Please No   $1000 $500 $500 FedEx or CTC fees Aubrey, TX Always Dignified A Dominating Mini (AQHA) Steve Cruse
Etrade No   $1000 $500 $500 FedEx or CTC fees Aubrey, TX Mr Elusive (AQHA) Victoria's Sweet Heart Steve Cruse
Go B Good Yes Dani Rodebaugh $800 $400 No $300 chute charge + shipping Kirkman,  IA Good I Will Be (AQHA) Mystic Milly Cindy Hanson Agent
Good Bar Rising Yes Sharon Marshall $750 $375 $100 $325 per shipment Lexington, OK Zippos Mr Goodbar Exquisite Jackie Oh David James
Hear The Cheers (AQHA) No   $1000 $500 $200 collection fee 1x  $250 FedEx; $300 CTC; $100 farm pick up Trenton, IL Mr Cheers Cool Echoes Arentsen QH Agent
Hez A Prety Package Yes Annette Jackson $1000 $500 No No Butler, MO The Package (AQHA) Oh Gal So Pretty David & Annette Jackson
Hot Chocolate Hunter Yes Orlen Stolee PT $300 No No Radcliffe, IA Hot Chocolate Chip What A Dandy Hunter Orlen Stolee
Ima Safe Bet (AQHA) Yes Dale Cuno $1500 $750 $200 collection fee 1x  $250 FedEx; $300 CTC; $100 farm pick up Trenton, IL Very Cool  Tais Awesome Hilda Arentsen QH Agent
In Awe Yes Dave Crowell PT $300 No $300 shipping/collection Cameron, WI Mr Awe Thentic Bluff Me Too Chad Slayton
Imaginary Gold Yes Tim Tompkins $600 $300 No $250 per collection + FedEx Hankinson, ND Imaginate Kiss Of Heaven Laurence & Debi Hiatt
JJ Prince Imaginate Yes Jeanne Crawford $400 $300 No $300 per collection includes shipping Elberon, IA Prince Skippa Star String of Slippers Myra & John Crawford
Legendary Speed No   $650 $325 $250 booking due w/contract $244.50 + shipping per shipment R& R Ranch, WI CTR Smokin Hot Eagle BBR Spex Blue Breeze 2R Brand LLC
Mighty Shockin No   PT $300 No No New Holstein, WI Just Shockin Yall Cherry Nurse Starla OBrien
Mr All Inclusive No   $600 $300 No $250 + FedEx per collection  Hankinson, ND All Inclusive Find A Lady Laurence & Debi Hiatt
Mr Redneck Romeo (AQHA) Yes Dave Crowell $1000 $500 1x collection fee $200 FedEx $250; CTC $300; Farm pickup $100 Trenton, IL Not Kiddin Me Heavenly Acoosa Arentsen QH Agent
One Cool Te No   $500 $300 No No Leland, IL Te Coolest Once Upon A Dream Dick Parks
One Hot Chocolate (AQHA) No   $950 $475 No $300 collection fee + shipping Hastings, MN Chips Hot Chocolate Lady Negotiator Nancy Klaus
Pay It Forward Yes Lori Krome $750 $375 No $300 Pilot Point, TX Live The Dream Color Me Coosa Brian & Dena Raggio
PR Diamond No   $400 $300 No $400 frozen available Harris, MN Four Wheelin PR Secretarys Diamond Lynn & Jim Streich
Protect Your Assets (AQHA) Yes Cindy Hanson $750 $375 1x $150 $175 pick up; $200 collection per season; $350 overnight; CTC $400 Cedar Rapids, IA Good Asset Scars Social Kitty Dr Charles Abraham
Secrets Of A Legend (AQHA) Yes Larry Goodale $1500 $750 1x collection fee $200 FedEx $250; CTC $300; Farm pickup $100 Trenton, IL I Gotta Cool Secret RGD Can't Touch Me Arentsen QH Agent
State Of Dee Heart Yes Richard Slough $1000 $500 No $300 per shipment Stillwater, MN State Of The Art My Sonny Deelite Ed & Missy Millhouse
Suchan Ego Yes Annette Jackson $1,250 $650 1x $350 $300 FedEx; $325 FedEx Sat; $360 CTC per shipment; Farm pickup $150 Argyle, TX Self Employed Without A Clue Gary & Linda Gordon
SuddenlySparknBright No $500 $300 No No Ellsworth, IA Skip Go Grand Suddenly Scotch Larry & Jill Goodale
Taken Yes Jill Goodale $450


$350 $300 per shipment Whitesboro, TX Invitation Only Razzberry Rhumba Crystal Pitkin
Te Coolest No   $1,250 $1,250 No $300 per shipment  + shipping Brentwood, CA Te Coolest (AQHA) Ladies Page Dal Porto Ranch 
Tell Me Im Hot Yes Larry Goodale $800 $400 No $300 collection +shipping Lima, OH Hot Chocolate Chip Too Good To Be True Mary Lynn France
The Only Impulse (AQHA) Yes Robyn Berg $800 $400 No $300 collection fee & shipping Red Lakes Falls, MN So Very Invited Impulses Diamond Sabrina Seyller
The Secret Pardon No   $1000 $500 $300 $300 FedEx Morganfield, KY The Secret Pardon Me Poise Laurie Rylander
Valentino (AQHA) No   $1500 $1000 No FedEx /CTC Fees Aubrey, TX Top Secret Innocent Touch Kathy Smallwood
Very Cool (AQHA) No   $1750 $900 1x $350 $300 FedEx; $325 FedEx Sat; $360 CTC per shipment; Farm pickup $150 Argyle, TX Te Coolest Very Sexy (AQHA) Gary & Linda Gordon
Winning Touchdown No   $650 $325 No $175 + actual shipping Lexington, OK Touchdown Kid Triple Treat RR Sharon Marshall
Zip To Sunny No   $500 $250 No No Radcliffe, IA Zippo's Sunny Sonny Royal Rosey Orlen Stolee
Zippos Romanstar No   $500 $300 No $300 + shipping Guthrie Center, IA Zippo Pine Bar Vanna Straw Roxanne Kafton